Growing up, all really knew about Berlin is that it is the capital of Germany and that there was a huge wall separating the East from the West.   Never thought I would one day be visiting there.

My husband and I recently took a week trip to Berlin to visit our long-time friends Amanda and Carlos.  The company they work for relocated them to Berlin for a three-year project.  When they told us that they are debating whether or not to permanently stay in Germany, we were honestly shocked.  Their decision made us curious to visit and find out more.  Let me tell you, know I understand what they have been talking about for the last 2 years.

Besides the beautiful architecture and history, there is a lot to see and do in Berlin. One week isn’t nearly enough time to get around to seeing what this vibrant, lively, hip city has to offer.

  • The Berlin Wall Memorial – When the city was divided in 1961: East Berliners jumped from apartment windows, vaulted over barbed wire, tunneled beneath the streets trying to reach freedom. The Berlin Wall Memorial marks the tragedies and the heroism of East and West Berliners during those years.
  • Holocaust Memorial – Monument to the murdered Jews of Europeis the full name given to the Holocaust Memorial.  The Holocaust Memorial really should be on the list of must-sees for anyone visiting Berlin.  It holds the names of all known Jewish Holocaust victims.
  • Unter den Linden – This is Berlin’s most famous street. Meaning “Under The Lime Tress Avenue”.  Unter den Linden, is famous for its boutiques, cafés, and restaurants.  We went bike riding and then sat down at one of the many cafes to eat some apple strudel.
  • GrunewaldForest – A large forest which is great for hiking and taking in some fresh air.  It is 7,400 acres of forest and we rented bikes and explored all day.
  • Schwarze Traube – One of the coolest and trendiest bars in Berlin. The cocktails are amazing and the staff is very friendly.

There are also a lot of restaurants, museums, cafes and places to visit in Berlin.  Truly an amazing European Capital.

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